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New Clinical Pharmacology Study Conduct Tutorial

New Clinical Pharmacology Study Conduct Tutorial

June 10, 2019

The Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program (CPQA) is pleased to announce the availability of a new online tutorial, The Clinical Pharmacology Study Conduct Tutorial. This is an expansion of the previous CPQA Pharmacology Tutorial. The new Pharmacology Tutorial is designed to educate clinical research staff conducting clinical trials that have one or more pharmacology objectives.

The new tutorial provides material on pharmacology concepts, outcomes, designs, sampling, data and measures, and seeks to improve the overall quality of pharmacology-related study procedures. Whether clinical, laboratory, or data entry, the conduct of each team member during the conduct of a protocol is vital to final outcomes. Understanding the basic principals in pharmacology studies improves the quality of clinical trials research.

The Tutorial consists of eight interactive modules on a variety of pharmacology-related topics, from terminology to specimen handling. The full tutorial takes approximately two to three hours to complete, and can be completed over more than one session. After the Tutorial is completed, you are issued a certificate of completion.

To access the Tutorial, visit the DAIDS Learning Management System. There is no cost for registration. If you do not already have an account, you can request one using the form provided on the website.

ACTG and IMPAACT Funded Clinical Sites: All clinical sites are required to have at least one staff member on site that has completed the tutorial. You must re-take and complete this new Tutorial at this time, even if you have completed the previous version of the CPQA Pharmacology Tutorial.

If you have any questions about the Tutorial, please contact